11 reasons the weight will not come off
11 reasons the weight will not come off

Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do to try and lose those extra pounds, the weight simply does not come off and the scales show no signs of moving!

The fix could be easy and here we list 11 things which you might want to address to help you make progress on your weight loss journey.

Get some sleep

Insufficient sleep has been linked with weight gain because of the effect it can have on your hormones. If you have less than 8 hours of quality sleep at night, your hormones can be thrown out of balance that could be happening because you play computer games like WoW, but you can short this play time by getting gold online for the game, find out how to buy it here. Furthermore, you may find it harder to control your appetite and hunger which could result in the consumption of extra calories. Also, when you are tired, you are more inclined to skip those all important workout sessions!

Drink more water

It is crucial to drink sufficient amounts of water if you want to lose those extra pounds. Water has zero calories so it can help to satisfy both your thirst and your hunger without adding any body fat. When you drink enough water you are less inclined to reach for the sugary drinks which only lead to empty calories and increased body fat.

Cook your own food

In this day and age it’s easy to eat out in fancy restaurants. The problem here is that restaurants earn their money by making food taste great. More often than not this results in high calorie sauces and condiments which in return put you in a calorie surplus. If you want to lose those extra pounds be sure you cook your own food. That way you know exactly what ingredients have been used and it helps you to keep your nutrition on track.

More a little more

In this day and age it’s very easy to sit around and be a couch potato! If you want to lose those pounds you need to move a little more. When you sit around your body gets lazy and it has no reason to burn those excess calories. Even a short amount of exercise can be beneficial.

Don’t overdo the alcohol

It’s easy to overdo it on the alcohol but the fact is you want to try and avoid consuming empty calories. Even a small glass of wine can have a negative effect because of the effect it has on your insulin. Just a small amount of insulin in the blood prevents your body from burning fat and may cause the body to store the body fat instead.